Currency Exchange

Thireos Exchange S.A. operates since 1995 and is licensed by the Bank of Greece as a Currency Exchange operator. Its private network of “Thireos Money Center” branches  are buying and selling currency and purchase travelers checks in over 20 foreign currencies at competitive exchange rates.

Thireos Money Center branches offer instant availability on all major currencies against Euro and Dollar into Japanese Yen and Turkish Lira, our stores will assist you exchanging your money at preferential rates. We also issue currency market certificate (V.A.S).

Thireos Money Center branches are open 360 days a year, from 08:30 am to 08:30 at night. Our experienced professional staff are ready to serve you, without any time delays.

If you wish to order foreign currencies, to find out the rates, or any other information concerning the currency exchange service, simply contact or visit one of our branches:

Cash to Account

The cash to account deposit service, offers the ability to a natural or legal person to send money quickly, economically and safely to any bank account in the world.

The service provides the ability of depositing money in Euros, Dollars, Pounds or other local currency, according to the account held by the beneficiary. The service is offered by the company «Access Payment Services Payment Institution” which is licensed by the Bank of Greece and is a major partner of Thireos Exchange.

Benefits of our account deposit remittance service:

Low fees compared to the rest of the competition.

No documentation required for deposit amounts up to € 1000, for any purpose.

Prompt service without delays in queues.

No account is required from the sender to make the transfer.

Extended operating / service hours. Through our 9 Money Center branches you can send money to any account in the world 360 ​​days a year, 13 hours a day.

Security. Each transfer is carried out via the global interbank SWIFT system or though our global partner financial institutions.

Natural or legal persons can use our cash to account deposit service for the following reasons:

Natural persons can deposit to a third party account for various reasons (rent payment, installments, subscriptions, payphone, product purchase advances, deductions, internet purchases etc.).

Parents / Relatives of overseas students can deposit money directly to their account for payment of fees, rents and other obligations.

Immigrants can send money to their loved ones back home.

Legal persons / Companies for depositing money in their company account (any bank in the world in euro, USD, GBP or other local currency) for payments of goods, orders and other obligations (Loans, rent, suppliers, etc.).

Travel agencies to pay their correspondents, hotels, restaurants and tourist entertainment centers.

Shipping companies can send money to their crews abroad, to pay brokers and correspondents.

If you want to send money to any account in the world, or to find out more information on our remittance service, you can contact or visit one of our shops:

Money Transfer

NOW at Thireos Money Center the choice is yours !

Pick the company you prefer and send money tο over 300.000 points worldwide!

Receive money through RIA, Sigue, Golden Crown or Unistream global money transfer!

Money Transfer Service benefits:

Extended Money Transfer Company Selection.

Very competitive fees.

Can send up to 1000 € for any purpose without providing any documentation.

Fast money transfer. Send or receive money worldwide in minutes.

Prompt service without delays in queues.

Extended operating service hours.  Clients can send or receive money 360 ​​days a year, 13 hours a day.

No account opening is required to conduct the transactions.

Secure Transactions. Each transfer is carried out through recognized, established international cooperative Money Transfer Companies.

The branch network of Thireos Money Center, offers the choice of sending and receiving money through a variety of cooperating companies: RIA, SIGUE, GOLDEN CROWN, UNISTREAM. These companies enable fast and secure person to person electronic money transfer to over 150 countries all around the world within minutes.

Any natural person can:

Send money directly to over 300,000 locations worldwide through a money transfer company of his/her choice.

Receive cash from our store within minutes, through any of our money transfer cooperating companies.

Procedure of sending money

  1. The sender visits one of the branches with a valid proof of identification (ID, passport or other equivalent document).
  2. He/She hands the identification document to the operator at the service point and informs him of the amount he wants to send, the receiving country and the name of the recipient of the money.
  3. He/she hands the amount in cash to the operator (including the corresponding shipping commission). The operator fills all the appropriate data in the system, prints the receipt and gives it to the sender. The receipt includes the reference number of the transaction.
  4. The sender communicates with the receiver and informs him of the transaction reference number. In a very short time (usually within 10 to 15 minutes), the money will be available for the receiver to collect in the declared country of receipt.

Procedure of receiving money

  1. The receiver visits a shop with a proof of a valid identification (ID, passport or other equivalent document) and the transaction reference number (which has been informed by the sender).
  2. The receiver gives his/her identification document and the reference number of the transaction to the service point operator.
  3. The operator updates the system with the appropriate data and if all data is correct, he/she hands the receiving amount in cash to the recipient.

If you want to send and receive money fast and secure through our cooperative money transfer companies, or you have any questions regarding the money transfer service, please contact or visit one of our branches:

Bill Payments

Now you can pay all your utility bills in any Thireos Money Center shop!

Advantages of our service:

Low fees over the competition.

Extended service hours and limited waiting time for payment compared to the banks and the Post Office.

Simple and straightforward transaction process. We only need the printed copy of your bill and the payee’s phone number.

Utillity and other type of bills you can pay in our shops

click to view the list of the available bills

If you need more information about the bills payment service, please contact or visit one of our shops:


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