The company "THIREOS EXCHANGE S.A.", was established in 1995 and is licensed by the Bank of Greece to provide currency exchange services in accordance with the applicable legal framework.
The Company has a network of 9 branches distinguished by the brand name «Thireos Money Center». The shops are located in very central points of Athens, Kifissia, Glyfada, Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Paralia (Katerini). They follow a continuous hours time table for 6 or 7 days a week as appropriate.

Thireos Money Center shops, in collaboration with major financial institutions, offer the following services:

  • Purchase and sale of foreign banknotes

  • Funds transfer (deposit) to any personal or business bank account in the world.

  • Fast funds transfer (Money Transfer) from person to person in over 300,000 locations worldwide.
  • e-vouchers for mobile top up (including all Greek mobile operators), internet top up and fixed telephone lines. Prepaid cards of fixed and mobile phone services.

  • Utility Bill Payment. We accept over 100 utility organizations and other companies bills for payment (DEI, COSMOTE, EYDAP, VODAFONE, WIND, NOVA, Gas, Insurance, Telephone, Water, Energy, Municipalities, etc.)

  • Prepaid Card Vouchers for use through the internet and for prepaid card top up
The Company is continuously trying to offer and maintain products, services and policies aimed at best satisfying the customer needs. The infrastructure, systems and procedures are regularly reviewed and improved to ensure the customers are provided with speedy, convenient and secure delivery of service.



Thireos Exchange S.A., is supervised by the Bank of Greece and has the obligation to monitor and evaluate the transactions conducted through its branches, according to the provisions of the law 3691/2008 and the applicable provisions and decisions of the Commission for Banking and Credit Committee of the Bank of Greece (E.T.P.TH.) concerning the Prevention and Suppression of Money laundering (Money laundering) and Terrorist Financing.